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Manual Identify Proofing (IDP)

When a user is unable to verify his/her/their identity using the self-service tools we provide, that user is required to be verified by an Authorized Contact in-person and with authorized identifying documents.

These documents are designated as STRONG or FAIR. For a user to pass IDP, HEALTHeLINK requires the user to produce either two (2) STRONG documents,OR one (1) STRONG AND two (2) FAIR documents. Authorized Contacts are required to view these documents to determine their validity. Please note that: 

    • You must capture the last four (4) alphanumeric characters of the unique identifier for each piece of evidence. 
    • All evidence must be unexpired. 
    • The full name on the issued evidence must be the name that the person was officially known by at the time of issuance. Not permitted: pseudonyms; aliases; an initial for surname; initials for all given names. 
    • The issued evidence must contain a photograph or biometric template (of any modality) of the person to whom it relates. 
    • All Manual Identity Verifications will be audited by HEALTHeLINK. 

For additional information on acceptable IDP types, click here.