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   December/2012   //   Issue 11



Total participating practices: 520

Total participating providers: 2,550

Total number of users: 7,567

Total number of patient consent forms signed: 436,499 

Total number of patient referral packet CCD's electronically exchanged for care coordination from January-November 2012: 173,343

Total results available through HEALTHeLINK: More than 83 million

Total number of patient record look up queries via the Virtual Health Record (VHR) from January-November 2012: 232,537

Total number of practices that support electronic delivery of HEALTHeLINK results directly into their EMR: 185

Data Source

The following data sources are currently available through HEALTHeLINK. Those bolded are new since the last edition of The Link:

Advantage Telehealth (telemonitoring)

Beechwood Continuing Care

Briody Health Care Facility (ADTs)

Buffalo MRI (ADTs, Radiology)

Catholic Health System (ADTs, radiology, labs)

Catholic Health/McAuley Seton Home Care (telemonitoring)

Dent Neurologic Institute (ADTs, radiology)

Diagnostic Imaging Associates (radiology, radiology images)

ECMC (ADTs, radiology, labs, transcribed reports)

Genetic Diagnostic Laboratories (labs)

Jones Memorial Hospital (ADTs, radiology, transcribed reports)

Kaleida Health System (ADTs, radiology, labs, transcribed reports)

Kaleida Health's Visiting Nurses Association (telemonitoring)

Lake Erie Regional Health System of NY – Brooks Memorial  (ADTs radiology,   transcribed reports)

Lake Erie Regional Health System of NY – Lakeshore Hospital (ADTs, labs, transcribed reports)

Mount St. Mary’s Hospital (ADTs, radiology, labs, transcribed reports)

Niagara Falls Memorial (ADTs, radiology, labs, ER reports)

Quest Diagnostics (labs)

Roswell Park Cancer Institute (ADTs, radiology, labs, transcribed reports, images)

RxHub (medication history)

Southtowns Radiology (ADTs, radiology, radiology images)

Spectrum Radiology

Surescripts (medication history)

United Memorial Medical Center (ADTs, radiology, radiology images,  labs)

Upper Allegheny Health System (ADTs, radiology, labs & transcribed reports)

WCA of Jamestown (ADTs, radiology, radiology images, labs, transcribed reports)

Windsong Radiology Group

X-Cell Laboratories

For a complete listing of data sources and participating practices, click here »


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Beacon Project Update

Beacon Community Program

Adverse medication events, such as incorrect dosage or interactions between medications, are the fifth leading cause of death in the United States today. This issue is often caused by confusion among patients on how to properly take medications. WNY Beacon Community recently launched a medication history pilot project to increase the medication data flowing into HEALTHeLINK through the addition of various local hospital/emergency department discharge reports and long-term care pharmacy medication information. By incorporating medication therapy management with consulting pharmacists, the goal of the pilot is to improve patient care during health care transitions. Providing an alert to primary care physicians when a patient is admitted or discharged at a health care facility will result in more coordinated medication reconciliation and potential reduction in hospital readmissions. HEALTHeLINK and WNY Beacon are working with Catholic Health Systems and approximately 15 local practices on the initial implementation of this pilot.

In conjunction with this medication history pilot, participating patients can also take an active role in their health care in helping to reduce harmful medication interactions by participating in HEALTHeHISTORY To Go. With a goal of promoting better patient care, HEALTHeHISTORY To Go is a kit to keep one’s health information and medications all in one place. Participants are being encouraged to bring this kit with them to each doctor visit and any visit to the hospital. The kit includes a reusable canvas bag to hold all of one’s medicines and a pocket folder to organize such information as documents from previous visits, advance directives, etc., For more information on this pilot project, visit www.wnyhealthelink.com/healthehistory.

HEALTHeLINK’s work in conjunction with the New York State Department of Health’s Universal Public Health Node to increase the ease and efficiency of public health reporting was also highlighted in the latest Beacon Communities for Public Health white paper. Click here to view the entire report.

Launch of ONC eConsent live pilot

Informed patient consent is a major component driving the success of the electronic exchange of health information both here in WNY and nationwide. In 2011, HEALTHeLINK was requested by its vendor APP Design to participate in a national eConsent pilot through the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT. Over the past year, the eConsent project team, which also includes Morgan Borszcz Consulting, Wright State Research Institute, and DScape, has been studying how patients learn about their options for consenting to have their health information shared electronically and what information they would want available to them before they reach such a decision. The team created educational materials for patients as well as a design solution for delivering that education and the electronic capturing of consent choice.

On October 22, the eConsent project team launched the live portion of the pilot, utilizing these materials and the electronic capture technology in a clinical setting at four local provider sites - Buffalo Cardiology & Pulmonary Associates (Williamsville), Family Health Medical Services (Mayville), Rheumatology Consultants of WNY (West Seneca), and Trinity Medical (Cheektowaga). The goal of the eConsent pilot is to eventually develop an electronic system for use by providers nationwide that will allow patients to “meaningfully” consent to the sharing of their health data among providers, while reducing the burden on health care providers about informing patients of their choices.

Recognition of PCMH primary care practices

In its ongoing efforts to assist practices in utilizing technology to improve the quality and coordination of patient care, HEALTHeLINK recently recognized the achievements of 59 primary care practices that have reached Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) certification from the National Committee for Quality Assurance by using the clinical information exchange. With the support of a New York State HEAL Phase 10 grant, which was awarded to HEALTHeLINK, these practices used PCMH standards to organize care around their patients, utilize technology wherever possible, and work with other health care professionals to coordinate and track care over time, including arranging for appropriate care with other qualified providers as needed. In addition HEALTHeLINK worked with Catholic Medical Partners, Health Now, Independent Health Association and P2 Collaborative of Western New York, to support the implementation of these PCMH standards. 

New data sources added

Beechwood Continuing Care has joined HEALTHeLINK as a data source. Connecting long term care facilities, like Beechwood, allows for better care coordination and communication among patients’ various treating physicians as they transition from one health care setting to another. This marks the second long term care facility to join HEALTHeLINK as a data source.

Dent Neurologic Institute became the first physician group to become a data source, supplying admission, discharge and transfer notifications and radiology reports.

HEALTHeLINK highlighted in Independent Health report

Independent Health’s 2012 Community Report features compelling stories about some of the ways the health plan is collaborating with its local partners to help transform Western New York into a high-quality, high-performing health care community. The report highlights the five key actions Independent Health believes must be taken in order to truly increase access to coverage, improve quality of care and reduce the medical trend. One of those actions is to enhance the use of health information technology and electronic medical records through organizations such as HEALTHeLINK. To view a copy of the report, click here.

Amherst Chamber of Commerce awards HEALTHeLINK 2012 Innovation Award

Thank you to the Amherst Chamber of Commerce for recognizing HEALTHeLINK with the 2012 Innovation Award! Pictured here is Executive Director Dan Porreca and WIVB-TV’s Jacquie Walker at the awards dinner held October 29.

NYeC honors Elmwood Health Center

At its annual Digital Health Conference held October 15 in New York City, New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC) recognized five champions of health IT. One of these champions was Elmwood Health Center for their participation in the telemonitoring pilot program with HEALTHeLINK and WNY Beacon Community to help patients with chronic disease keep on track with their care programs. Congratulations Elmwood Health Center!

Patient story demostrates HEALTHeLINK's value and use

Recently, HEALTHeLINK joined with its vendor partner Optum Insight to create a short video based on an actual patient experience. Click here to view the video.

Featured in eHEALTH Technologies Case Study

A growing number of clinicians across Western New York have one click access to diagnostic quality images for their patients, right from their existing workflow. Patients no longer need to pick up and transport CDs and physicians no longer need to call for images or log in to multiple systems. Learn more about this aspect of HEALTHeLINK in a recent eHealth Technologies case study be clicking here.

What physicians are saying about HEALTHeLINK

“We use HEALTHeLINK for the most part to follow up on contacts to infectious diseases, especially Sexually Transmitted Infections. HEALTHeLINK allows us to check if a person was appropriately treated and also allows us to obtain contact information we otherwise might not have to reach infected individuals who need treatment. Our Disease Intervention Specialists find this tool extremely useful. We no longer have to call a medical records department and have them fax us pages and pages of records we don’t need. We can just look up what we need. My TB case managers occasionally use it get radiology results or ER discharge summaries for active TB cases. Any time saved when treating a TB case can significantly decrease the number of people exposed to the disease. We love using HEALTHeLINK!”

- Jackie Andula, medical care administrator, Erie County Department of Health



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