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   September/2013   //   Issue 14



Total participating practices: 583

Total participating providers: 2,941

Total number of users: 9,808

Total number of patient record look up queries via the Virtual Health Record (VHR) from January-August 2013: 378,032

Total number of patient consent forms signed: 525,361

Total number of patient referral packet CCD's electronically exchanged for care coordination from January-August 2013: 141,398

Total results available through HEALTHeLINK: More than 102 million

Total number of practices that support electronic delivery of HEALTHeLINK results directly into their EMR: 221

Total number of providers that receive electronic delivery of results directly from HEALTHeLINK into their EMR: 1,401

Data Source

The following data sources are currently available through HEALTHeLINK. Those bolded are new since the last edition of The Link:

Advantage Telehealth (telemonitoring)

Beechwood Continuing Care (ADTs)

Briody Health Care Facility (ADTs)

Brothers of Mercy (ADTs)

Buffalo MRI (ADTs, Radiology)

Catholic Health System (ADTs, radiology, labs)

Catholic Health/McAuley Seton Home Care (telemonitoring)

Dent Neurologic Institute (ADTs, radiology, radiology images)

Diagnostic Imaging Associates (radiology, radiology images)

ECMC (ADTs, radiology, radiology images, labs, transcribed reports)

Genetic Diagnostic Laboratories (labs)

Great Lakes Imaging (ADTs, radiology, radiology images)

Jones Memorial Hospital (ADTs, radiology, transcribed reports)

Kaleida Health System (ADTs, radiology, labs, transcribed reports)

Kaleida Health's Visiting Nurses Association (telemonitoring)

Lake Erie Regional Health System of NY – Brooks Memorial  (ADTs radiology,   transcribed reports)

Lake Erie Regional Health System of NY – Lakeshore Hospital (ADTs, radiology, radiology images, labs, transcribed reports)

Mount St. Mary’s Hospital (ADTs, radiology, labs, transcribed reports)

Niagara Falls Memorial (ADTs, radiology, radiology images, labs, ER reports)

Quest Diagnostics (labs)

Roswell Park Cancer Institute (ADTs, radiology, radiology images, labs, transcribed reports, images)

RxHub (medication history)

Seton Imaging (ADTs, radiology, radiology images)

Southtowns Radiology (ADTs, radiology, radiology images)

Spectrum Radiology

Surescripts (medication history)

United Memorial Medical Center (ADTs, radiology, radiology images,  labs)

Upper Allegheny Health System (ADTs, radiology, labs & transcribed reports)

WCA of Jamestown (ADTs, radiology, radiology images, labs, transcribed reports)

Windsong Radiology Group

WILLCARE (ADTs, transcribed reports, medication history, diabetic measures)

Wyoming Community Hospital (ADTs)

X-Cell Laboratories

For a complete listing of data sources and participating practices, click here »


Beacon Project Update

Beacon Community Program

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology just released a new brief titled, "Building a Foundation of Electronic Data to Measure and Drive Improvement." This brief highlights how various Beacon Communities, including WNY Beacon, demonstrate the value of health IT for quality improvement initiatives. The Beacon Communities have become increasingly adept in bringing together multiple sources of data and improving its validity to reflect their progress - ultimately demonstrating the power of health IT to measure and improve care quality. As part of its registry reporting, WNY Beacon provided the approximately 90 practices it was working with, quarterly feedback reports containing a series of graphs that summarize the proportion of missing and invalid data. Practice enhancement associates used this information to work with HEALTHeLINK and its EHR vendor to improve data quality for future use in the treatment of patients.

The progress of the WNY Beacon project was also highlighted in the August issue of Healthcare IT News. Click here to view the article.

Elmwood Health Center acknowledges HEALTHeLINK and Beacon project support in achieving Allscripts recognition

People Inc.’s Elmwood Health Center is the recipient of the 2013 Allscripts Outcomes Excellence Award – Connectivity. Allscripts recognizes hospital and physician group practices that have adopted their innovative solutions to enhance their quality metrics and improve patient outcomes as they shift from volume to value-based care. Elmwood Health Center implemented Allscripts as their EHR system in 2010 and within one year of going live, they achieved Patient-Centered Medical Home Level 3 Status.

According to Frank Azzarelli, associate vice president at Elmwood Health Center, “We have been successful due to our collaboration and work with HEALTHeLINK as well as the Beacon Project. Thank you for allowing Elmwood Health Center to become so actively involved in these wonderful initiatives and projects. We look forward to continuing our relationship with HEALTHeLINK well into the future."

To learn more about Elmwood Health Center’s connectivity outcomes, click here to watch their video.


This fall, HEALTHeLINK is upgrading the current HEALTHeCOMMUNITY Portal to a new version that will include several enhancements to improve the overall user experience. When launched in October, the portal will provide access to both HEALTHeLINK and HEALTHeNET in one location.

There are several new enhancements to the portal which will provide both greater conveniences to users and also provide an added level of security for providers and patients. These include:

  • With the new HEALTHeCOMMUNITY portal, users will now have access to self-service password reset functionality 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Users will no longer be dependent on an Authorized Contact to perform this task along with assistance from the Help Desk.
  • There will also be single user credentials for both HEALTHeLINK and HEALTHeNET through the new version of the HEALTHeCOMMUNITY portal. Users who may have multiple accounts in a single application will now have only one set of user credentials. Once logged in to the portal, a user can simply choose what practice, or in which role, they are logging in from.
  • The portal features a messaging system that will allow for enhanced communication with users regarding an issue or an enhancement to the application.
  • Once logged into the HEALTHeCOMMUNITY portal, the requirement for two-factor authentication will be decided by the application you are attempting to access.
  • The portal also features improved user security as it will no longer be possible for multiple users to share the same user name and password.

For additional information on the enhanced HEALTHeCOMMUNITY portal, please click here.

HEALTHeLINK introduces real time medical image collaboration

Since 2012, HEALTHeLINK has offered participating physicians single click access to diagnostic quality images from hospitals and independent radiology practices, for their patients right from their existing workflow. Patients no longer need to pick up and transport CDs and physicians no longer need to call for images or log in to multiple systems – improving the delivery of services and patient safety.

HEALTHeLINK, in partnership with eHealth Technologies, is enhancing its medical image capabilities currently available with the launch of the eHealthViewer, located directly within the health information exchange. This new tool allows for consultation between physicians, such as a specialist conferring with a radiologist or another specialist in the same field. Each provider must be logged on to HEALTHeLINK at the same time and have established a phone connection. Once logged on, providers can interactively view and manipulate the diagnostic quality radiology images, providing real-time collaboration to make the best possible clinical decisions.

HEALTHeLINK is piloting this new functionality with WNY Urology and Great Lakes Medical Imaging and will continue to work with other participating practices and data sources in the coming months. If interested in seeing how real time medical image collaboration can help your practice with faster diagnosis and improved patient outcomes, please call 716-206-0993 x311.

HEALTHeNET earns CORE certification

HEALTHeNET has received CAQH Committee on Operating Rules for Information Exchange (CORE) Certification, Phase I and II. CAQH, which serves as a catalyst for industry collaboration on initiatives to simplify health care administration, certifies and awards CORE Certification to entities that create, transmit or use the administrative transactions in accordance with the CAQH CORE Operating Rules. CORE Certification means HEALTHeNET has demonstrated that its IT system is operating in conformance with Phase I and II of the CAQH CORE Operating Rules. HEALTHeNET is the first health information exchange in the country to earn CORE Certification!

WILLCARE joins as data source

WILLCARE, a Medicare certified and New York State licensed/private duty home health care company recently joined HEALTHeLINK a data source. Participating physicians now have access to admission, discharge and transfer notices and diabetic measures from WILLCARE patients who have authorized their HEALTHeLINK consent. A portion of the funding provided to HEALTHeLINK and Western New York through the Beacon Community program by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT is being used to connect additional data sources, including home health agencies, long term care facilities, and rural hospitals. WILLCARE is the fourth home health agency that has connected to HEALTHeLINK as a data source.

"WILLCARE is excited to join the HEALTHeLINK collaborative to enhance communication and information across the continuum of health care providers in WNY,” said Todd Brason, WILLCARE’s Chief Executive Officer. “WILLCARE is committed to providing the best possible care for our patients, and the pre-authorized sharing of medical information will be invaluable in meeting the medical needs of our patients and providing optimum care across multiple care settings."

Understanding Health Information Exchange (HIE): Noun vs. Verb

As we all know and experience daily, health care is continuing to go through dramatic changes in clinical information technology, but how many of your colleagues and stakeholders not involved with IT understand the operations and functions of an HIE? HEALTHeLINK has created an informational one-pager about HIE in WNY. A copy can be downloaded here.

National Health IT Week - September 16-20

HEALTHeLINK is proud to be a partner in the 2013 National Health IT Week. For more information, click here.

NYeC Digital Health Conference set for November 14-15

With advances in health IT, we stand at an unprecedented time for transition and opportunity in healthcare. Providers and health IT professionals are leveraging HIE, mHealth, telemedicine, EHRs, and social media to advance care and improve the patient experience and outcomes. Join over 1,200 of your peers at the New York eHealth Collaborative's Digital Health Conference in New York City November 14-15 as they come together to hear insights, ideas and analysis from industry thought leaders and innovators who are shaping the future of healthcare through the use of technology.

Keynote Speakers

  • George C. Halvorson, Chairman & CEO of Kaiser Permanente
  • Jim Messina, National Director, Organizing for Action; Campaign Manager, 2013 Obama Re-Election Campaign; Deputy Chief of Staff to President Obama (2009-2011)

Why Should You Attend?

  • Engage with thought-provoking lectures and attend interactive panels and presentations, as part of a peer-drive educational program
  • Network and increase your visibility with over 1,200 fellow healthcare leaders
  • Interact with technological exhabits showcasing emerging health IT tools
  • Connect with leading solutions providers that can help you improve efficiencies and patient outcomes

Learn more and register here. Use discount code HEALTHELINK for 30% off the existing rate. This savings is in addition to the early bird discount that expires on Friday, September 20.

HEALTHeLINK collaboratives with upstate New York RHIOs on direct messaging

In an unprecedented collaboration, four upstate New York Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIO) recently announced new connectivity which will allow for the secure exchange of electronic medical records amongst Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse  and Albany healthcare professionals. This new connected capability between the upstate RHIOs allows providers to securely share 5.4 million patient health records and links 110 hospitals in a 44-county region. This will support patients who seek medical attention outside of their region, move out of their region, or find themselves in an emergency outside of their region, in upstate New York.  Through this new connectivity, providers will be able to better coordinate care and reduce healthcare costs.

This new connectivity will allow healthcare professionals from each region to send and receive electronic medical records through secure and encrypted messaging, via each RHIO’s Health Information Service Provider (HISP) capability based upon the Direct Project protocol. The Direct Project protocol enables standards-based health information exchange in support of core Stage 1 Meaningful Use measures, including communication of summary care records, referrals, discharge summaries and other clinical documents in support of continuity of care and medication reconciliation, and communication of laboratory results to providers.

“As Western New Yorkers may find themselves seeking medical care in other parts of the state, this collaboration among the upstate RHIOs provides the ability for their medical data to follow them to those regions and assures that it is securely available when it’s needed most – at the point of care,” said Dan Porreca, HEALTHeLINK’S executive director. “This connectivity across upstate New York illustrates how we are leading the country in transforming health IT, and in doing so moving one step closer in the development of the State Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY), which in the future will connect all RHIOs and health care organizations across the state and ultimately across the country."

What people are saying about HEALTHeLINK

“Our partnership with HEALTHeLINK has had a tremendously positive impact on our ability to continue to provide healthy, safe organs and tissues. HEALTHeLINK not only assists us in being able to carry out our donors and donor families’ wishes, but also provides us with the necessary tools required for us to continue to save and enhance the lives of recipients in the Western New York community."

            - Jason P. Bridge, BS, CEBT, CTBS, Vice President of Eye and Tissue Services, Upstate New York Transplant Services



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