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  December 2014  //   Issue 19



Total participating practices: 729

Total participating providers: 3,294

Total number of users: 13,656

Total number of patient record look up queries via the Virtual Health Record (VHR) from January-November 2014: 921,604

Total number of patient consent forms signed: 687,740

Total results available through HEALTHeLINK: Nearly 137 million

Total number of practices that support electronic delivery of HEALTHeLINK results directly into their EMR: 306

Total number of providers that receive electronic delivery of results directly from HEALTHeLINK into their EMR: 1,683

Data Source

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Western New York on track to reach 1 million patient queries


With 921,604 patient queries through November, WNY is on track to reach its one millionth patient record look up through HEALTHeLINK in 2014 for consented patients. It took 6 years cumulative to reach the first million and only 12 months to reach the second million. Thank you to all of our participating physicians and medical staff who regularly access the HIE for the most current information on the patients they are treating in order to provide effective and efficient care. 

HEALTHeLINK featured in new publication from Commonwealth Fund and AcademyHealth

The work of the WNY Beacon, particularly its efforts around disease registries in primary care practices, was highlighted in eGEMS (Generating Evidence and Methods to improve patient outcomes) a peer-reviewed e-publication. A recently released special issue highlights, for the first time, lessons learned from eight Beacon Communities including how they used health information technology to achieve better health care at lower costs. In addition to disease registries, the WNY Beacon's three-pronged strategy for creating a connected community, including EHR adoption, clinical transformation, and infrastructure development is also featured. The special issue titled "Lessons from the Field: Health IT-Enabled Community-Based Transformation" is sponsored by the Commonwealth Fund and AcademyHealth's Beacon Evidence and Innovation Network. To view the publication, please click here.

ONC includes HEALTHeLINK in latest report on ACO's

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology recently issued a report titled "Health Information Technology Infrastructure to Support Accountable Care Arrangements" highlighting success stories. The work of Catholic Medical Partners in using HEALTHeLINK to share information across disparate EHR systems is one of these success stories. Click here to view the entire report.

Increasing use of image exchange

Authorized users of HEALTHeLINK have secure access to diagnostic quality radiology images from multiple archiving and communications systems. Currently, HEALTHeLINK has been experiencing approximately five times as many image views as they were in January. There are two primary drivers of this: more radiologists are using HEALTHeLINK for comparative study purposes and a few practices are utilizing the image exchange to move JPEG files of the image into their EHR to help satisfy meaningful use requirements. For more information about how to utilize the image exchange through HEALTHeLINK, contact your account manager. 

HEALTHeLINK highlighted at American Medical Informatics Association Conference

HEALTHeLINK and the work completed last year as part of the WNY Beacon Community was recently highlighted during the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) Public Health Informatics Workgroup's conference titled "Current and Emerging Issues for Population Health Informatics in Healthcare and Public Health" on November 15 in Washington, DC. Arvela Heider, a HEALTHeLINK consultant from Holark Systems who worked on the WNY Beacon, participated in a panel discussion with representatives of the Utah and Southeastern Minnesota Beacon Communities. Specifically, Heider presented on the WNY Beacon's work with implementing diabetes registries at 78 primary care practices to better track lab values, vitals and necessary tests and to generate reminders and guidance for patients' care.

What people are saying about HEALTHeLINK

I appreciate getting my employees and co-workers set up with HEALTHeLINK. Just yesterday, I had the ability to check a CT that a patient had at the end of September. There was pertinent information about her lumber discs on it. The findings on that report led me to look at her other lab reports that were ordered. Her primary at the present time is in the process of relocating, and did not get back to her with results. As there were some abnormal findings, I was able to refer her to an urologist for some help. You may not realize how valuable what you do every day is. I just wanted to share that story with you to motivate you today, and to say "Job well done". Thanks for getting us up and running with HEALTHeLINK.

- Dr. Alaina Rowswell, Riverview Chiropractic Health

Please share your success stories!

Has participation in HEALTHeLINK had a positive impact on your ability to deliver quality patient care? Has it helped to improve patient safety and your ability to respond more quickly, enabled you to better coordinate care among other providers, helped to avoid duplicative testing, enhanced your efficiency, or perhaps reduced costs? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then we want to hear from you. Please contact us with your success stories so that we may share your experience with the broader community of providers. Our goal is to make truly collaborative care a reality for all individuals living or receiving treatment not only in Western New York, but also across New York State. Your support will help us achieve this important goal.

Please contact Laura Jacobs at ljacobs@e3communications.com to share your successes.



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