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Malicious Domain Registration – April 30, 2020 

As a result of our constant monitoring and our ongoing efforts to do everything in our power to keep current with our security controls, HEALTHeLINK was recently alerted to what appears to be a malicious domain registration using the domain name As the domain looks similar to ours, but misspelled, if you were to receive an email from this email domain, it may appear to be legitimate. We are currently petitioning to have the domain removed. 

HEALTHeLINK will never email our participants to ask for a password or other personal information. If you do receive what appears to be an email from us to this effect or from this domain, please call the HEALTHeLINK Help Desk at 1-877-895-4724. 

We appreciate your confidence in us and be assured we will do everything in our power to stay current with security procedures and we will continue our monitoring.