The following webinars have been developed to help supplement the basic training provided to HEALTHeLINK users.  The subject matter covered was identified as areas where users could most use additional information and training.  We will continue to add to the subjects available in the future.

To join one of the webinars (listed below) at it’s scheduled day and time, click on the link for the day and time you would like to attend.  Please enter the room with your audio muted.  A Q&A period will follow the presentation in each webinar.

For additional information or questions, please contact training@wnyhealthelink.com.

Managing Consent

This webinar will review HEALTHeLINK’s consent policy and use of Consent Management Application.

Consent Training Webinar- Tuesday@11:00am  9/22/2020

Consent Training Webinar- Tuesday@11:00am   10/27/2020

Consent Training Webinar- Tuesday@11:00am 11/24/2020

Consent Training Webinar- Tuesday@11:00am  12/22/2020

Patient Record Look-Up Tips

This webinar will walk through some helpful hints in using HEALTHeLINK Patient Record Look-up. This does not take place of the Computer Based Training (CBT) required. 

Patient Record Look Up and Tips Webinar- Monday@3:00pm 9/21/2020

Patient Record Look Up and Tips Webinar-Wednesday@ 9:00am  10/7/2020

Patient Record Look Up and Tips Webinar- Monday@3:00pm  10/19/2020

Patient Record Look Up and Tips Webinar-Wednesday@ 9:00am 11/4/2020

Patient Record Look Up and Tips Webinar-Monday@3:00pm 11/16/2020

Patient Record Look Up and Tips Webinar-Wednesday@ 9:00am  12/2/2020

Patient Record Look Up and Tips Webinar-Monday@3:00pm  12/21/2020

Managing Alerts and Secure Messaging

Are you already set up with Patient Alerts? This Webinar will explain how to upload your Patient list to HEALTHeLINK and navigate your Secure Messaging Account.

Manage Alerts/Secure Messaging Webinar-Wednesday@1:00pm 9/16/2020

Manage Alerts/Secure Messaging Webinar-Wednesday@1:00pm 10/21/2020

Manage Alerts/Secure Messaging Webinar-Wednesday@1:00pm 11/18/2020

Manage Alerts/Secure Messaging Webinar-Wednesday@1:00pm 12/16/2020

Authorized Contact Portal

This webinar will provide guidance in the use of the Authorized contact portal to manage user access.

Authorized Contact Portal Webinar-Thursday@10:00am  9/17/2020

Authorized Contact Portal Webinar-Thursday@10:00am  10/1/2020

Authorized Contact Portal Webinar-Thursday@10:00am  10/15/2020

Authorized Contact Portal Webinar-Thursday@10:00am  10/29/2020

Authorized Contact Portal Webinar-Thursday@10:00am  11/12/2020

Authorized Contact Portal Webinar-Thursday@10:00am 12/3/2020

Authorized Contact Portal Webinar-Thursday@10:00am 12/10/2020

Authorized Contact Portal Webinar-Thursday@10:00am  12/17/2020